Reduce IT Friction

Cause of Friction

The life of an IT professional is not always glamorous. In fact, rarely does the team get emails of praise when all the systems are up and running. However, one web server goes down, and literally, the sky is falling. The fix might be as simple as running a script, but where the task sits in the queue can be problematic. Friction is created when one user thinks his or her task should be shuffled to the top of the heap. If all users lobby for this special treatment, you can easily see how friction is created.

Routine Tasks

Fixing enterprise outages and other issues can be easy or it can be hard. Clearly, not all problems can be resolved by running a quick script. But some can. For those routine tasks it’s now possible to divvy those out to other helpers. The enterprise is filled with technical people in other IT roles, DBA, helpdesk and even Sales and Marketing. You might be saying, whoa…I can’t just give someone access. Think of it like this. You need some groceries at the store. You are too busy to go yourself, so you send your teenager with his freshly minted drivers license. You might not feel comfortable just giving him the keys, but what if the key ensures the car only goes to the store, obeys all traffic laws, keeps the car radio at a suitable level and only allows a single trip? That is what Cimitra does for your routine IT tasks.

The Script Resurgence

Remember Visual Basic? It’s a bit of a stretch for modern IT professionals, but during the time period where network environments were predominately Windows, Visual Basic was an easy way to create apps to solve problems. As networks became more cross-platform, Visual Basic fell out of favor due to its single platform restraint. Today, IT shops are using more scripting languages such as Powershell, Python, Javascript, and Bash. In fact, Stack Overflow did its annual survey of the most popular programs and for the first time ever, shell scripting languages were ranked #6.