Push Button Easy

Almost Anyone can Press a Button

Push Button EasyTo successfully assign routine tasks to others in your enterprise, the mechanism must be simple. Given the choice to research and experiment with a solution to a problem OR simply wait for IT to fix it, most users will choose the latter. Working in IT has taught us, if there is a way to screw up a task, some user will find it, but the majority of users can press a button.

Just the Wiring and Button

IT professionals have their favorite scripting languages for solving a particular problem. We don’t dictate which language to use. Our role is to effectively lay the wiring, meaning the path for connections and associated credentials to servers on which the script will perform its action. The button is the trigger or interface used for the execution of the script. These encapsulated buttons can easily be shared in the browser-based Cimitra console.

Pump Up Productivity

Unfortunately, most IT shops measure productivity based on which team’s hair is NOT on fire and how many tasks are accomplished in a given day or week. Pretty simple. But what if your IT team had a way to divvy out some of the routine tasks that clog up the system and throw off your numbers? All of sudden more tasks are being completed with a smaller amount of effort. With this smaller effort required to finish tasks, IT pros find there is more time for those strategic “resume building” projects that can really move the needle.

No IP Escapes

Ok, let’s face it, scripts aren’t the 7 herbs and spices, but most organizations consider them intellectual property. Given that IT has the curious role of turning off access when a team member leaves, when an IT person leaves, they generally forget to compile and transfer all of the tools they use, including scripts. Cimitra allows your IT team to archive, transfer and search for valuable scripts.

Go Team

IT people perform tasks all day somewhat analogous to changing dirty diapers. When they take time off, the diapers do not stop. When they are trying to meet a deadline on another project, they do not stop. You get it, right? When the diapers aren’t changed, departments can get grumpy. Whether perceived or real, peoples ability to do their jobs is impeded when IT tasks do not get completed. When the organization is empowered to help themselves, finger pointing is minimized and teams collaborate.